Welcome to the AcroYoga, Akrobatik & Aerial Silk - Community Innsbruck

We strive to flourish as a community, not only nurturing but constantly refining our passion for acrobatic arts. In this shared pursuit of excellence, we create memories and experiences that strengthen us as a unit.

Our joint training sessions are moments of coming together, sharing, and learning to further develop our skills. In addition, we participate as a cohesive unit in major events and professional workshops to enrich and expand our knowledge and practice.

Our communication and coordination is done through our dedicated Whatsapp group, while we share our special moments, successes, and shared experiences through vibrant images on Instagram. Our social media is not only platforms for information sharing, but also a showcase for the passion and energy that flows in our community.

Trainings 2024:

We invite you to dive into our magical world of acrobatic arts in a loving and beginner-friendly way, even without a partner. You have the opportunity to get to know our sport and our community through a no-obligation taster session. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of sharing and inspiration by interacting with experienced acrobats and AcroYogis.

Our regular workouts are more than just practice sessions - they are a chance to try new things, learn and grow, buoyed by the support and encouragement of our community. Click here to go to our meetings:

~ until June / from September 2024 we meet in 2 school gyms on Tue & Thu evenings ~
~ In summer 2024 we meet almost daily in the Hofgarten/Rapoldipark ~
Further details on Whatsapp

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When practicing sports, there must be no reaction influence by medication/substances/alcohol.
I am aware that this type of sport involves intense physical contact. In case of discomfort, I will immediately inform my counterpart.
I authorize the use of my data, photos & recordings in all media without remuneration and for contacting me.
Liability for accidents, damage or loss is excluded. Visitors acknowledge all risks and act on their own responsibility. Insurance cover is the responsibility of the visitors. Place of jurisdiction: Innsbruck.

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